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To promoters and friends everywhere,

We want to let everyone know that The New Rope String Band has decided that the time has come to stop. We have set a date of 31st October 2015 as our last gig. It will be somewhere on Tyneside in a venue yet to be decided.

Between now and then, through 2014/15 we plan to re-visit as many great gigs, festivals and venues as we can to say goodbye and thank you to organisers and audiences for supporting us for more than 25 years as both The Old Rope String Band and The New Rope String Band.

It will also be a final opportunity for those promoters who don't want to spend a lifetime of regret not being able to say "The New Rope String Band once played here!"

The band's illustrious history and track record in leaving a trail of merriment and joy, confetti and gaffer tape should be celebrated and we will be having a big party at the end, and, who knows, maybe some smaller parties along the way. So to pay for all the sausage rolls, cocktail sticks and napkins we'll need lots of gigs between now and Halloween 2015. So get booking!

all the best
Pete, Jock and Tim

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